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Damaged Grease Seals and Brakes

This just really ticks me off. I had the unit jacked up and gave each tire a spin. One of the tires was "sticky". It did not spin easily. So I removed the wheel and the brakes were coated in grease.
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Leaking Garage Vent

The upper vent in the garage area was leaking from the factory. My unit sat on the lot for a few months so who knows how many times it got wet. The factory cut the hole too large for the vent.
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Slide Out Screw

One of the screws in the slide out trim was too long. It had damaged the seal and the aluminum trim on the sidewall where the seal meets the sidewall.
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Another Exploding ST Tire

Exploding Defective Made in China Special Trailer ST Tires
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Split Loading Ramp Door

This seems to be a common problem in the online Keystone forum. It only seems to affect the smaller doors. I don't know how the door is manufactured but from the outside it looks like two sheets of material are butt joined in the center of the door but the edges are not connected in any way. As loads are applied to the door the two sheets of material move independently. This stretches the non skid
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Another Ramp Door Problem

I recently noticed a crack in the siding at the lower right side of the rear ramp door opening on my Keystone Cougar 325SRX Toy Hauler.
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