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40 to Phoenix Day 12, Great Photo and Last Post From the Road

I originally planned to ride another curvy mountain road but I had enough of that yesterday. I decided on fast and straight and left before 6:00AM as I wanted to see the sunrise and needed to get in some miles today. I was rewarded with one of my favorite photos of this trip.
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40 to Phoenix Day 11, I Am Done With Curvy Roads for a While

Laurie returned home today. We got her bag, and extra bag for stuff we bought while she was here and my usual bag all strapped on Ruby for the ride to the airport. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies, but it all worked out and we got her on the plane for home. Southwest has a direct flight between Phoenix and Raleigh each day so that made her travel easier.
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40 to Phoenix Day 10, Old Copper Mining Town of Jerome

Laurie and I headed north west from Phoenix early in the morning. I had read and heard that 89A was a fun ride and it was. It had some nice curves and at the top of a mountain we popped into Jerome. The road makes a few switchbacks through the town as it is built on the side of the mountain.
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40 to Phoenix Day 9, GWRRA Home Office

I have one memory from this trip that kind of sums it up for me. I was riding on the original concrete 2 lane Route 66 all by myself about mid afternoon heading west. I had the music cranked up, no other vehicle in sight and I was just enjoying the solitude and scenery. A train track ran parallel to the road. I saw a train heading in my direction and when it got close I gave it a huge crazy wave. He gave me a couple horn blasts as he passed. Just two friendly people saying high to each other on a lonely stretch of desert in the American South West.
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40 to Phoenix Day 8, Final Dash to Phoenix

This was a crazy day. I have never ridden in such strong crosswinds. Several gusts tried to take off my helmet. Then there was the snow, the snow plow and the mud. Then the temperature dropped below 30° and the wind chill got brutal. But my heated jacket and using my rain gear as a wind breaker kept me toasty.
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40 to Phoenix Day 7, More Route 66 Photos

Today wraps up my Route 66 tour. I plan to go south in the morning and take US 60 into Phoenix. There are some sights I want to see including the VLA (Very Large Array), Pie Town and Salt River Canyon. If I ever do this ride again I will take Route 66 on to Flagstaff, AZ and beyond to get more photos.
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40 to Phoenix Day 6, Route 66 And Bobby Kemp

First I will admit I wimped out on going to Palo Duro Canyon tonight for dinner. I got to the motel late and just did not have enough time to go. But I have had a blast today on Route 66. The overcast skies added a nice mood to my photos.
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40 to Phoenix Day 5, The Teacher, The Bus Driver, The Cook

It has been a good ride so far with a great bunch of guys. But tomorrow I start riding on sections of old Route 66 and taking photos. I have really been looking forward to this. So check back for the next blog.
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40 to Phoenix Day 4, I Know What I Want For Christmas

Today was a long day with beautiful weather. This morning was just cool enough to plug in the electric jacket. My wife got it for me as a Christmas gift because she really wanted me to take this trip. But it has made a wimp out of me. Anything below 65° is now electric jacket weather.
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40 to Phoenix Day 3, I Learned A Few Things

Today was a slow news day. My son Tucker is doing an internship for his NC State degree in Dunwoody just north of Atlanta. So I split off from the group and had lunch with him. His internship just ended so he is headed east to home tomorrow while I continue west. But I learned a few things.
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40 to Phoenix Day 2, NC to GA

I said goodbye to Laurie this morning. She went home while I headed west with my group. I will see her again in Phoenix in a week while I cross our great country on 2 wheels.
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40 to Phoenix Day 1

Today at about 12:00PM I checked off the last thing on my list. There was nothing left to pack or do. I was ready. I had been working on that list and planning for this day since around Christmas. At 2:00PM a fellow GWRRA member showed up and we left for Wilmington.
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40 to Phoenix, Pre Trip Preparations

I am going to check off one of my bucket list items later this month by riding Ruby the Gold Wing motorcycle from Wilmington, NC to Phoenix, AZ with about 100 other motorcycles. Here are the details of my preparations for the trip.
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Motorcycle Ride From Durango to Silverton, Colorado

Silverton, Colorado is one of the highest towns in the United States at 9,318 feet above sea level. One of the "must do" activities on this vacation was to ride our motorcycles from Durango to Silverton. We arrived at our Durango campground early in the afternoon and chilled until later as we wanted a late day ride.
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Refreshing Dash up Onion Creek

After the morning ride and a quick trip to Gemini Bridges we still had a couple of hours left in our rental. In 2011 we really enjoyed a ride up Onion Creek. This trail crosses 22 shallow streams and can be ridden fast. We had just enough time.
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If I Ever Return to Moab, I Am Doing This Again: Polaris RZRs

Oh what a time we had in Moab, Utah. We rented a couple of Polaris RZRs (a trailer comes in the deal) for 24 hours from the Moab Tour Company and had a blast.
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Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners

Greg and Donna have heard me talk about Chicken Corners so I wanted to take them there and also show them Hurrah Pass. I rented a jeep and we spent a day riding the trail. The road was much rougher than I remember but I never get tired of this place. This is my 4th visit to Hurrah Pass.
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Saturday Nights and Utah Teenagers

We left Baker Nevada headed for Moab Utah on US-50 and then I-70. There are long stretches of highway in Utah with few people and no services. One section of I-70 has no services for over 100 miles. Beautiful country, but what do the locals do on a Saturday night? Apparently tossing shoes into a tree.
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Great Basin National Park, Baker Nevada

Great Basin National Park is another one of those gems in the middle nowhere that makes traveling the American West so much fun. It actually contains a glacier that is 300 feet by 400 feet.
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Nevada is Not Just About Gambling

What comes to mind when I say "Nevada"? Probably Las Vegas, deserts, Cold War era nuclear tests and lots of nothing. You are correct but there is also lots of beautiful scenery in Nevada. There is actually a glacier in Nevada but that will be another post.
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