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Another Leak

Sep 2017

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This blog is a work in progress. I found a pretty bad leak in the curb side rear corner of my 5th wheel. I've had a shelter for my campers since around 2002 but this 2014 Toy Hauler is 8 feet longer than my shelter. So the rear 8 feet has not been protected. I always meant to extend my shelter but never got around to doing it. Big mistake.

I check the roof and caulking several times a year. This corner looked ok but obviously had a problem. Lucky for me the leak originated at the top corner. The water did not originate from someplace else and travel to the corner causing more damage. Also the rear wall is not laminated to anything so the repair to that area will be simple.

The side wall is a different story but still, it could be worse. The damage is confined to the corner only. The window is not involved and it is not in the living area of the unit. I don't mind ripping out part of the interior wall at the corner to properly fix the leak.

I will add more details after I do the repair.

Sep 7, 2017 Thu 7:10 PM EDT Alt: 375

Sep 7, 2017 Thu 7:11 PM EDT Alt: 397

Sep 7, 2017 Thu 7:11 PM EDT Alt: 399

Sep 7, 2017 Thu 7:11 PM EDT Alt: 393

Aug 27, 2017 Sun 6:20 PM EDT Alt: 395

Aug 27, 2017 Sun 6:20 PM EDT Alt: 384

Aug 27, 2017 Sun 6:20 PM EDT Alt: 383

Sep 9, 2017 Sat 2:49 PM EDT Alt: 401

Sep 9, 2017 Sat 2:50 PM EDT Alt: 388

Sep 9, 2017 Sat 2:51 PM EDT Alt: 375

Sep 9, 2017 Sat 2:52 PM EDT Alt: 373

Sep 9, 2017 Sat 2:53 PM EDT Alt: 368

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