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40 to Phoenix Day 10, Old Copper Mining Town of Jerome

Thursday April 6, 2017

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Apr 6, 2017 Thu 11:20 AM MST Alt: 5131


The day started at 1,931 feet and ended at 1,366 feet. The highest altitude was 6,737 feet and the lowest altitude was 1,366 feet.

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Laurie and I headed north west from Phoenix early in the morning. I had read and heard that 89A was a fun ride and it was. It had some nice curves and at the top of a mountain we popped into Jerome. The road makes a few switchbacks through the town as it is built on the side of the mountain.

Jerome is an old copper mining town at about 5000 feet elevation. Tourism seems to be the main industry now. We don't usually like very touristy places but we really enjoyed this place and plan to return someday.

It was feeding time for Laurie but we were a little early for lunch. We found "The Mine", a restaurant that serves breakfast. Highly recommended.

After Jerome we made a quick stop at Montezma's Well and then back to Phoenix.

Apr 6, 2017 Thu 8:20 AM MST Alt: 4459


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 10:05 AM MST Alt: 5274


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 2:04 PM EDT Alt: 5131


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 11:18 AM MST Alt: 5131


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 11:22 AM MST Alt: 5131

Apr 6, 2017 Thu 11:25 AM MST Alt: 5131


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 12:34 PM MST Alt: 5027


Apr 6, 2017 Thu 1:51 PM MST Alt: 3593

Apr 6, 2017 Thu 1:54 PM MST Alt: 3593

Apr 6, 2017 Thu 1:55 PM MST Alt: 3593

40 to Phoenix is a motorcycle ride organized each year by a fellow GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) member. The group starts at Wilmington, NC and travels roughly I-40 to California with a side trip to Mexico.

Phoenix Arizona is the national headquarters of the GWRRA and many riders turn around at that point and return home. Hence the name "40 to Phoenix".

My goal is to write a blog about each day. I also have a phone app that updates my location on a map on this website every 10 minutes or so. Click here to see the map.

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