Damaged Grease Seals and Brakes

0April 20140
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This just really ticks me off. I had the unit jacked up and gave each tire a spin. One of the tires was "sticky". It did not spin easily. So I removed the wheel and the brakes were coated in grease. The installer at the factory bumped the grease seal when he installed the wheel on the axle. Everyone knows to be careful with the seals when putting the wheel on the axle. The installer certainly knew to be careful. But I guess they just did not care. Look at the seal. It is visibly deformed.

I removed all the wheels and 3 out of 4 had grease on the brake drums from damaged seals. There really is no excuse for this. I found this before taking our first trip in this camper.

So check your grease seals on a new unit and at least once a year after that.

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