Leaking Garage Vent

0April 20140Leaks
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The upper vent in the garage area was leaking from the factory. My unit sat on the lot for a few months so who knows how many times it got wet. The factory cut the hole too large for the vent. The screw to hold the upper corner of the vent tight against the side had nothing to bite into. I could see daylight around the vent from the inside. Another case of someone at the factory just not caring about the quality of their work.

This was not hard to repair. But water got between the walls. My concern is with delamination in the future. There is a shelf under the vent and water had warped the shelf. Keystone replaced the shelf under warranty so I at least have a record of there being a problem. But I doubt that will help me if the wall delaminates in the future.

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