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Several people have had trouble with the Carlisle tires on their Wildcats. I had one explode while traveling about 70 mph on a busy interstate. That was interesting. I just thought it was one of those things and replaced the tire myself.

Then I started reading about the problems people were having.

A couple of months after the explosion, another tire developed a 'hen egg' bulge on the sidewall. I called Carlisle and they were eager to replace the tire. I told them about the tire I had already replaced and stated that two defects out of four were not good odds and I really wanted the other two replaced at their expense because I did not trust the remaining two tires and it was obvious there was a bad batch of Carlisle tires.

Carlisle never admitted there is a bad batch of tires on the road but they fairly quickly agreed to replace three tires. They would have paid for the first tire that exploded but I did not keep the old carcass.

The tires had about 15,000 miles.

Carlisle wanted to ship the tires to me but I asked them if I could go to a tire shop that was a dealer for Carlisle tires. They work with Discount Tires and there happened to be a store in the area where I live. I had to pay only for the mounting.

A few months after this experience I switched to 16 inch wheels and Mitchelin load range "E" tires. You can read about that experience here. Every RV I've had came with trashy Made in China tires. Years after I sold the Wildcat I had another exploding Chinese ST tire on a toy hauler. The tire manufacturer paid for the damage that time.

Our load range 'D' Carlisle tires are running at their max capacity if you have your Wildcat loaded to it's max weight rating.

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