Topic:   Forest River Wildcat, Truck Modifications

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Grover Air Horn

I purchased an air horn kit for about $200. It consist of dual air horns, a 1 gallon air tank and a 12 volt compressor. I mounted the horns on the frame rail of my truck.
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Turbo Boost, EGT and Transmission Oil Temperature Gauges

Pillar mounted turbo boost egt and transmission oil temperature guages

Towing Mirrors

I tried 2-3 types of the clip on mirrors and none of them worked well. They vibrated so much I couldn't see anything. I tried bungee cords, weights, more support, etc to stabilize them and nothing worked.
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Truck Side Step

Climbing into the bed of my Dodge 2500 4x4 truck is difficult especially when hooked to my Wildcat. Then I have to climb over the side and can not climb over the tail gate from the rear step bumper. My Dad and I designed a solution.
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CB Antenna

I debated quite a bit on where to mount a CB antenna. I did not want the roof magnetic mount because I did now want the cord hanging over the back of the cab and they often don't hold well.
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Running Generator Indicator

My Honda EU3000i generator runs so quiet I can not hear it inside the truck, even if I roll down the windows. I like to know whether the generator is running or not.
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Laptop Computer Mount

The toys I have had the most fun with in a long time are my GPS and laptop computer. I dreamed up a way of mounting my laptop in my truck. I started out with a crude idea and kept tweaking it until it actually works very well.
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Generator Cord

The only way to get the full 2800 watts from my Honda generator is to use the 30 amp twist lock outlet. I have a setup that works well with my generator in the back of the truck.

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