Topic:   Forest River Wildcat, Outside Modifications

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Additional Switch for the Front Landing Gear Jack

The electric jacks are great but life is too short to stand for a couple of minutes holding the button to extend or retract the jacks. They are very slow. Here is how I added double throw double pole switch to the circuit so I don't have to stand and hold the switch on my Forest River Wildcat RV.
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Rear Stabilizers

Easy way to lower and raise the rear stabilizers.
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Wiring for a Generator

In North Carolina the summer months can get very hot and muggy. When my boys and I travel, we use the camper frequently on the road for meals, bathroom breaks, etc. I like going into a cool camper on a hot muggy day. I have a Honda EU3000i generator that I carry in the back of the truck. I run the generator while I'm on the road so I can run the air conditioner in the camper.
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Lift Eyes for the Front Landing Jacks

There is no good way to grab the jacks and raise them when hooking up. Also, the jack feet are sometimes in wet dirt and it is almost impossible to raise the jack feet without getting your hands dirty.
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Metal Lift Blocks Between the Axles and Springs

With the purchase of a new 4x4 Dodge Cummins 2500 truck my Wildcat was too high in the front. I can not adjust the fifth wheel hitch lower in the truck without running the risk of hitting the truck bed rails so I decided to put lift blocks between the axle and springs.
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Fresh Water Fill Hose Connector

I like to travel with a full tank of water. We use quite a bit during the day and I have stayed at several state park type campgrounds where there is power but no water at the campsite. So every morning while breaking camp someone has to stand and hold the water hose in the filler neck.
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Storage Drawers

For the right front basement storage area I made a drawer to hold things I may need after setting up camp such as toys, shovels, fire starters, ax, etc.

Refrigerator Ventilation

A few months after I purchased my Wildcat my refrigerator stopped working. My dealer replaced it under warranty and everything seemed fine until I took a 2 week trip to the western states. The fridge cooled fine when parked and at speeds up to about 55 MPH. But travel any faster and the fridge would start to warm up.
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Outside Shower

My Wildcat did not come with the outside shower and I did not think I needed one. Then I took my boys to the beach and to Kill Devil Hills at the Outer Banks. I found out quickly that I needed an outside shower. Here is how I installed one.
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16 Inch Tires

I have never been satisfied with the 15 inch tires on my Wildcat. With a load rating of 2540 pounds they are often running close to their rated capacity if the road is crowned in the middle, there is a cross wind, the Wildcat is not being towed level, etc. I also had problems with two of the OEM tires with one of them exploding at freeway speeds.

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