Topic:   Forest River Wildcat, Inside Modifications

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Extra Table Space

With two small boys there never seems to be enough space on the table top while we are eating. I've solved that by adding two TV trays to the camper.
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Shampoo and Liquid Soap Dispenser

I found out early in my camping travels that we preferred liquid soap. It just seemed more convenient. The problem is there is no good place to store the bottles in the shower. A liquid soap shower dispenser solved the problem.
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Turn Master Bed 90 Degrees

The bed in the Wildcat was too short for me. I am 6' 2'. A good friend told me to buy a piece of foam rubber 6' x 6' x 5'. Slide the mattress away from the wall by 6 inches and place the foam rubber in the gap.
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Carpet Protector Under Table

Two small boys occasionally have accidents and spill food under the table. The Wildcat has carpet under the table. Here is how I solved that problem.
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Wireless Thermometer

I found a wireless thermometer that works well and I really like it.

Sliding Dinette Cushions

I got really tired of the dinette cushions sliding out from under me. I tried a couple of things and found something that worked.
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Splash Guards for the Shower

I had trouble with water getting on the floor when I took a shower in my Forest River Wildcat. Even with the curtain pulled tightly against the walls, water would run along the top of the tub to the edge and into the floor.
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Wire Shelves in Cabinets

The overhead cabinet storage above the sink is great in the Wildcat. However there is a lot of wasted space because the cabinet is very tall with no shelves.
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Voltage Meter

Some campgrounds are fairly old and the electrical system may not be able to handle the power that modern RVs consume. Also since I run my generator often I like to know that it is putting out sufficient voltage. I got the meter in the photo below from Camping World.
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Fridge Fan

I had a 12v fan from a computer case I was not using. These things are designed to run for a very long time. The fan was enclosed in a plastic housing. It was designed to force air through a computer case. The fan runs while the door is shut but shuts off when the door is open. The trick is to wire the fan across the switch for the light.
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Extra Water Pump Switch

One of my quirks is I do not like to travel with the water pump on. 40 gallons of water inside from a loose fitting or faucet left running would ruin my day so I always turn it off when we hit the road again. I installed a convenient switch beside the main door.

Window Tint

My Wildcat came with the 13,500 air conditioner. It really needs the 15,000 unit. On a warm humid 100 degree day the air conditioner can't quite keep up with the heat so I added window tint.
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TV That Fits

Several people have asked in an online Wildcat forum what size TV will fit in the entertainment area.
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Door to Under Couch Storage Area

The area under the couch is a great place to store large bulky items like sleeping bags, pillows, etc. But the latch used in the Wildcat is a pain to use.

Corner Protectors

The Wildcat has real hardwoods in some high use areas like counter tops and cabinet doors. However there are some other areas that get abuse that have only the vinyl covered stuff. I found a way to protect those soft corners.
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Flip Up Table

I never really used the flip up shelf in the bedroom for a TV. I heard that some folks had moved it into the kitchen area and mounted it to the side of the sink cabinet for extra counter top space. So I did the same thing.
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Converter Switch

On a recent trip out west I used my Honda EU3000i generator every day. It powered my 13,500 air conditioner, the power converter, the refrigerator and a crock pot. Everything worked fine except for one hot day near Page Arizona when the generator kicked out due to overload a couple of times.

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