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Broken Springs

Before I take any trip in the Wildcat I always take it for a drag, usually to work, on the day before I leave for the trip. The purpose is to give the Wildcat a quick checkout. Are the brakes working, wheel bearings ok, tires running ok, all the lights are working, etc?

Cracked Spring Hanger

On a popular Wildcat internet forum, someone posted that their right rear spring hanger had broken free of the frame. Several people then checked their Wildcat and found the weld joint was cracking where the spring hanger is attached to the frame.

Dexter EZ Flex

I had many problems with spring shackles on my Forest River Wildcat. So when we purchased the Keystone Copper Canyon I already had the Dexter EZ Flex kit in hand and installed it before taking the first trip.

Electic over Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion

Converting electric magnetic drum brakes to electric over hydraulic disc brakes on Lippert 5200 pound axles

MorRyde Wet Bolt Kit

On my 2002 Wildcat I had multiple problems with the industry standard cheap suspension, especially the spring shackles. Our 2014 Cougar 325SRX came with the MorRyde CRE/3000 equalizer. I don

Worn Spring Shackles

With the purchase of a new 4x4 Dodge Cummins 2500 truck my Wildcat was too high in the front. While adding metal blocks between the axles and springs to raise the Wildcat I noticed the right spring shackles looked strange. I removed them to find that they were severely worn.

Worn Spring Shackles Again

I recently crawled under my Wildcat and what I saw gave me weak knees. The front of the spring leaf on the left side of the rear axle was resting against the bottom of the frame. The shackles were broken. The broken edges were rusty and had probably broken sometime during our summer trip.

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