Goldwing Tie Downs in Garage

0May 20140
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I am still experimenting with ways to tie down the Goldwing. I got the wheel stand from Harbor Freight for about $50. It has worked fine. When I put the Goldwing in the stand, the motorcycle stays upright by itself. I put E-Z Track along the wall in front of the motorcycle.

The official way to tie down a Goldwing is to take the side panels off and put straps around the frame. Another strap goes around the forks where they pivot on the frame. That is kind of a pain.

Currently I am wrapping a strap around the front stand and through the wheel spokes. This strap is then attached to the E-Z Track in the front. I honestly think this would be enough. However I also put a strap around each seat handle to rings in the floor. I don't put much tension on these as I don't want to damage the seat handles.

So far this is working fine and tie down only takes a few minutes.

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