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Apr 21, 2018 Sat 10:06 AM MST Alt: 6412

Bobby, Laurie
This year I completed my 2nd 40 to Phoenix ride. I was miserable for half the trip with a cold but it was still better than being at work. Even though we started this trip a couple of weeks later than last year the weather was colder for most of the trip. Also the winds across the plains states were pretty rough this year.

Laurie joined me in Phoenix like last year for a week of riding. She had a melanoma scare two days before I left on this trip and the doctor yanked off one of her toenails for testing. The results were negative for cancer but the procedure left her with a oozing painful toe and she could not wear a normal shoe. She hacked up a tennis shoe by cutting off the toe section. She flew to Phoenix to meet me about a week after this procedure.

The wind cause her severe pain so we made a quick trip to Wal Mart where we located a box and with some duct tape and a plastic bag we create a shield for her toe from the wind and restored marital harmony.

We had a blast. Last year we visited Jerome, AZ and decided we wanted to return and spend the night. This year we did that. We stayed at the Mile High Inn, which I think was a former bordello. The next night we stayed on the Navajo Indian reservation in a cabin overlooking Monument Valley and it was wonderful. We plan to do that one more time in the future. Two days later we were riding through a snow storm.

I think the video below gives you a good feeling for the ride this year. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the ride so I will do one more ride.... until I retire. Laurie wants to ride more of the route with me next year. I am excited already about next years ride. Russ Schaeffer does a great job of organizing everything.

Please check out the video below or if you want to watch on YouTube which permits a high definition view click on this link.

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Bobby, Laurie
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Bobby, Laurie
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