Day 4, Dickson TN to Conway AR

Apr 13, 2018 Fri0Motorcycle
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Apr 13, 2018 Fri 7:42 AM CDT Alt: 589
Start Point:Burns, TN
Start Weather: At 6:00 AM the temperature was 59.0° with 88% humidity. The conditions were clear with a windspeed of 16.1 miles per hour and windgusts of 23.0 miles per hour.
End Point:Conway, AR
End Weather: At 6:00 PM the temperature was 70.9° with 98% humidity. The conditions were overcast with a windspeed of 11.5 miles per hour and windgusts of 18.4 miles per hour.

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The photo above is the mandatory shot of a Civil War Canon. When traveling through the south, you have to get a canon shot. The bird in the sky is a bonus. I did not see it when I clicked the shutter.

The goal today was to simply get to Conway without getting drenched. The forecast was for strong winds and a 100% chance of rain by the afternoon. I left this morning at 6:30AM to beat the weather. I even got off I-40 in Memphis and rode US64 so I could travel slower and avoid the traffic when the rain hit.

There was strong wind but no rain. I thought I would beat most of the riders to Conway but most of the crowd was already there when I arrived. Everyone had the same idea. There is not much to see between Dickson TN and Conway AR so everyone left early and traveled fast. Some even skipped lunch.

I really enjoyed seeing my group from last year again and I think half of our NC-E GWRRA chapter of Cary NC is here. I will get a group photo tomorrow night.

People keep walking up to me and telling me how much the enjoy my blogs and photos. Thanks everyone. I hope you know how much I appreciate that. I have a lot of fun with this.

One fellow tonight (I try to not use names here for privacy reasons) said he is on this trip because of my blogs last year and especially the video I did about the trip. He and his brother decided they were going to do the ride. Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if there are any others that were motivated by the photos and blogs last year. The group seems almost double the size of last year.

This stop is one of my favorites. The local chapter does a great job with the meal and makes us feel very welcome. And because it is in the motel parking lot, we don’t have to ride someplace. Everyone just walks around socializing and doing minor tweaks or maintenance on their bikes.

I counted approximately 50 motorcycles in the parking lot and maybe 4 vehicles. We’ve taken over the place.

I think I have a cold so I’m going to bed early. Tomorrow I have several Route 66 stops planned so check back for photos. Below are a couple of photos of Gold Wings all tucked in for the night.

Apr 13, 2018 Fri 6:55 PM CDT Alt: 293
Apr 13, 2018 Fri 6:55 PM CDT Alt: 310

Elevation Changes During the Day

The day started at 830 feet and ended at 280 feet. The highest altitude was 843 feet and the lowest altitude was 196 feet.

Track Log for Today

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