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Apr 11, 2018 Wed0Motorcycle
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Apr 11, 2018 Wed 6:56 AM EDT Alt: 386

Bobby, Laurie
Start Point:Apex, NC
Start Weather: At 6:00 AM the temperature was 41.0° with 89% humidity. The conditions were mostly cloudy.
End Point:Somewhere in eastern KY
End Weather: At 6:00 PM the temperature was 63.1° with 30% humidity. The conditions were clear with a windspeed of 4.6 miles per hour.

Quick Links
  1. Trip Begins in Spite of Life
  2. Shot Tower
  3. Hatfields and McCoys
  4. Pikeville Cut
  5. The Wing World Guy
  6. Elevation Changes During the Day
  7. Track Log for Today
  8. Other Blogs About This Trip

Trip Begins in Spite of Life

So many things tried to derail this trip. A major project at work kept me insanely busy for the last three months and prevented leisurely planning for the trip, boots proved to not be water proof, gloves were not warm enough at less than 30°, electrical gremlins hit my new trailer, software problems at work kept me up until midnight last night, Laurie had a toenail ripped off by her doctor for testing that proved to be nothing, my WiFi internet router died at home, etc, etc, etc.

But at 7:00 AM I hugged my wife goodbye after tossing everything into the trailer and took off. Quickly the stresses of the last three months began to fade away. Wingers call it “wind therapy.” Me and Ruby were on the road again.

Apr 11, 2018 Wed 6:56 AM EDT Alt: 385

Apr 11, 2018 Wed 9:18 AM EDT Alt: 955


Shot Tower

I am going to visit my folks in Ky overnight on my way to Dickson, TN. I moved here from Ky in 1981 and have returned home way more than 100 times in the last 37 years. There are places I have driven by for 37 years that I always wanted to check out but never had the time. On this trip I decided to make a day of it and stop at some of those places. The first place was Shot Tower on the New River off I-77. I took some photos and then followed US 52 over the old bridge and under the modern I-77 bridge over the New River.

The next stop was the Big Walker Lookout with a tower to climb for nice views (I did not climb it) and an old abandoned snake pit from it’s glory days before I-77 rerouted all the traffic. I did not take photos. My Mom and Dad travelled through this area in 1961 before I-77 was built and remember the tower and snake pit.

Apr 11, 2018 Wed 10:30 AM EDT Alt: 2016
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 10:30 AM EDT Alt: 2016
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 10:37 AM EDT Alt: 1932

Hatfields and McCoys

Pikeville Ky, about an hour from where I grew up, has a cemetery with some of the McCoys of the famous feud. The 360 photo is not one of my best but still gives a neat perspective of the cemetery. Just tap the photo and drag to view a 360 view.

Colonel John Dills seems like a real decent fellow.

Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:39 PM EDT Alt: 697
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:53 PM EDT Alt: 666
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:41 PM EDT Alt: 697
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:42 PM EDT Alt: 697
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:45 PM EDT Alt: 697
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:48 PM EDT Alt: 666
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 2:52 PM EDT Alt: 666

Pikeville Cut

There is an observation platform on the top of a mountain overlooking the Pikeville Cut. I have looked at that platform at least a hundren times from US 23 and said I should check it out sometime. Today I did. According to the sign at the platform this was a big deal
Apr 11, 2018 Wed 3:10 PM EDT Alt: 1076

The Wing World Guy

Near Pikeville I was slowing down for a light and heard something to my right. I looked and it was a guy in a “work truck” holding up a copy of the GWRRA magazine “Wing World” and giving me a thumbs up. I returned the thumbs up and fell in behind him as the light changed.

At the next light I caught up with him and yelled that I was doing the 40 to Phoenix ride. I also asked him to check out my website and pointed to the decal on the back of my trailer. I wanted to tell him I had written an article for the magazine about last year’s ride but did not have time.

He checked out my website later that evening and left the following comment on my site. Lonnie, if you see this, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

You got a good looking ride. I was the guy you passed on US 23 near Pikeville with the Wing World. Looks like you're having a good time.

Elevation Changes During the Day

The day started at 237 feet and ended at 604 feet. The highest altitude was 3,482 feet and the lowest altitude was 237 feet.

Track Log for Today

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