Day 9, GWRRA Home Office

Wednesday April 5, 20170
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Apr 5, 2017 Wed 2:54 PM MST Alt: 1414

Bobby, Laurie

Today was a full day of activities at the GWRRA home office. They treated us really well with door prizes, food and drinks. There were guided rides to local areas but I decided to take it easy today. My wife, Laurie, also flew in last night and I had to make a run to the airport at 8:00PM last night to pick her up, so I was pretty tired today.

Laurie and I will get out before sunrise in the morning to ride north west to look around and be back before the afternoon heat. She gets on a plane home on Friday morning and I will take five days riding home.

I plan to ride US 191 from north to south, then make my way over to Silver City, NM, then NM 152 over the mountains to White Sands and Roswell. From there I will have three 500+ mile days to get home.

Some folks have asked if I will continue these blogs. Probably, if I see something interesting to photograph or talk about. I want to thank everyone who has spoken to me and made kind comments about these blogs. I am happy you enjoyed them.

Actually I have met many great people on this trip. I have travelled to all 50 states, many of them more than once and I have discovered that most people are just good decent folks. And if you talk long enough you will find something in common.

I have one memory from this trip that kind of sums it up for me. I was riding on the original concrete 2 lane Route 66 all by myself about mid afternoon heading west. I had the music cranked up, no other vehicle in sight and I was just enjoying the solitude and scenery. A train track ran parallel to the road. I saw a train heading in my direction and when it got close I gave it a huge crazy wave. He gave me a couple horn blasts as he passed. Just two friendly people saying high to each other on a lonely stretch of desert in the American South West.

Lining up at the motel for the ride to the home office.

Apr 5, 2017 Wed 8:38 AM MST Alt: 1360

GWRRA head quarters.

Apr 5, 2017 Wed 9:01 AM MST Alt: 1384
Apr 5, 2017 Wed 9:20 AM MST Alt: 1384
Apr 5, 2017 Wed 9:42 AM MST Alt: 1384
Apr 5, 2017 Wed 2:39 PM MST Alt: 1384
Apr 5, 2017 Wed 2:42 PM MST Alt: 1384

Dinner at the Old Country Buffet.

Apr 5, 2017 Wed 5:32 PM MST Alt: 1384

Three of my co riders

Apr 5, 2017 Wed 6:56 PM MST Alt: 1218


The lady on the left was one of the ride leaders. Not sure who the next guy is. The others are my co riders of Group 1. The guy from Texas is not in the photo. Because of privacy concerns, Russ does not want me to identify anyone until we all get home. I am going to miss these guys. It has been a pleasure riding with them.

Apr 5, 2017 Wed 7:00 PM MST Alt: 1218


What is 40 to Phoenix ?

40 to Phoenix is a motorcycle ride organized each year by a fellow GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) member. The group starts at Wilmington, NC and travels roughly I-40 to California with a side trip to Mexico.

Phoenix Arizona is the national headquarters of the GWRRA and many riders turn around at that point and return home. Hence the name "40 to Phoenix".

My goal is to write a blog about each day. I also have a phone app that updates my location on a map on this website every 10 minutes or so. Click here to see the map.

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