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Jul 12, 2016 Tue 1:36 PM MDT Alt: 5079
Gemini Bridges. Fun in Moab, Utah on Polaris RZRs.
Bobby, Laurie

After the morning ride and a quick trip to Gemini Bridges we still had a couple of hours left in our rental. In 2011 we really enjoyed a ride up Onion Creek. This trail crosses 22 shallow streams and can be ridden fast. We had just enough time to quickly hit the part of the trail that crosses the streams.

We were hot and tired so splashing through some water seemed like a great idea. The videos are short so check them out.

With the humidity at less than 10% (it's a dry heat) any water on our bodies and clothes evaporated quickly providing a nice cooling effect.

This was a great way to wrap up our fun times with the RZRs.

Jul 12, 2016 Tue 3:49 PM MDT Alt: 4302

Jul 12, 2016 Tue 3:55 PM MDT Alt: 4404

Jul 12, 2016 Tue 3:55 PM MDT Alt: 4520

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