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Cross Country RV Road Trip To California

This is an experiment. We are about to embark on a road trip. Some places we have been to before and some places will be new. But we are excited about the adventures ahead. Three weeks and no schedule. Every day we pick our adventure and pick the road less traveled.
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Broke Down and Stuck in Clarksville, Arkansas

Our grand adventure took a slight detour on Sunday in Clarksville, AK. We were making good time when around noon the check engine light came on and we lost 3 of our 6 cylinders as the truck went into 'limp home' mode. This has happened 3-4 times in the last year but it always cleared in a few seconds and the dealership refused to do anything about it. Looking at the engine codes I always
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There Goes That Car Again

WSo we got on the road again after the truck repair. Over in the afternoon we noticed an old car driving about 55 mph and as we passed we observed an old man driving with intense concentration, windows down and we joked that that was probably the first car he ever had and just kept it. We could not determine the model or year.
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Mom and Pop's RV Park in Farmington, New Mexico

So we were drifting into Farmington, NM after a beautiful drive at 9000 feet through the mountains north west of Santa Fe and we needed a campground. Bradley pulled out Paddie (we call the iPad Paddie) and quickly found a campground that had Wifi. The boys won't stay at a campground that does not have Wifi.
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Late Day Drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

After we left Mom and Pop's RV Park we swung by the four corners monument where you can stand in four states and take your photo. However the Navajo wanted way too much money to get in so we continued to Mexican Hat, UT and proceeded down through Monument Valley. Many of the old western movies were filmed here. Later that night we watched the movie 'Stagecoach' with John Wayne which
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Cousin Judy and Friends in Smith Valley, Navada

So Laurie had mentioned that she had a cousin Judy that lived in Nevada and we had an open invite to visit her. Judy came to our wedding and we discussed visiting her if I could get a full 3 weeks of vacation from work. I got the three weeks and on Sunday evening we rolled into Smith Valley in north western Nevada. Smith Valley was nice with hay fields and temperatures in the low 60's at nigh
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Star Gazing in Arches Park

There are other things still to blog about but I wanted to get this post out. After a dusk ATV ride Laurie and I drove back to Arches National Park around midnight to do some star gazing. The view was almost as good as the one at cousin Judy's place in Nevada. There was a little light from Moab but the Milky Way was clearly visible.
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Renting ATVs in Moab, Utah

Tucker wanted to go white water rafting in Santa Fe but decided to wait until we got to Moab, UT. However the rapids on the Colorado River looked a little tame to him so we opted not to raft. We had planned before the trip to rent a jeep and finish the trail to Chicken Corners that we failed to finish with Papaw in 2003. We did that and had a blast.

July 4th in Kremmling, Colorado

Laurie and I watched the fireworks in Kremmling, CO. The elevation is about 8,000 feet and there is still a lot of snow on the mountain tops. When we registered for the campground the owner told us to come to the office at 9:30 because they always watched the town fireworks from there. Then she came around later and knocked on our door to remind us.

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