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I Really Like My Suzuki Burgman 650 AKA "Burgie"

Last summer during a vacation in the Smoky Mountains I saw a scooter that really got my interest. When I returned I did a little research and found that my 1993 Honda 750 Nighthawk still had a pretty good trade in value so I traded it for a Suzuki Burgman 650 Exec "Super Scoot." I love the thing. It has a 650 twin engine and can easily do 100mph. But it has the low center like a scooter,
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Old Man Crotch Rocket

Last weekend Laurie and I went out on an afternoon date to the local Camping World. On the way we stopped at the Honda motorcycle place in Garner to visit with an old friend of Laurie's. Big mistake. I sat on a GL 1800 Goldwing.
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Labor Day Weekend Motorcycle Rides

Our weekend started on Saturday with Goldwing Appreciation Day at Team Power Sports in Garner, NC. The NC Goldwing Precision Drill Team put on a nice show around 1:30PM. I had never seen them before and was very impressed. One of the riders was 18 years old. Watch the video below.
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Grist Mill of Guilford County, North Carolina

Bradley and I took "Bulebell" and "Ruby" out for a ride with Greg on a lazy Sunday afternoon. As usual we needed to top off our stomachs as well as our tanks so we started at Hillsborough BBQ Co.
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Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Ride

I wanted to determine if I could ride Ruby for more than an hour or two. Bradley wanted to take Bluebell on a long ride also so we coordinated with Greg and Donna for a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We left at 6:20 AM and returned around 7:30 PM for a total of 371 miles.
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My Harbor Freight Motorcycle Trailer and Modifications

The 2017 40 to Phoenix ride was the first multi day trip I had ever taken on a motorcycle. I was unsure about how to pack clothes for such a trip but I think I did ok. Every cubic inch of storage was used and I strapped a bag on the luggage carrier. This worked fine but there was a precise location for everything and if I did not pack everything in its location every morning then I had "extra" stuff that did not fit.

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