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Another Attempt At a Blog

Recently my life took a new direction and I think I will blog about my transition. Maybe something I say will help someone and maybe someone will have some good advice for me.
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One of the Best Days of my Working Career

After 27 years and 6 months I have been told as a late 80's memo put it "to continue my career elsewhere." I started work for Northern Telecom on May 18, 1981 in a 3 piece suit and briefcase. I had driven from eastern KY the week before hauling everything I owned in the trunk of my car. The DMS-100 was beginning to take off and Northern Telecom was hiring a lot of new people. Many o

Ponderings Regarding My Recent Job Interview

As my friends and family know, I am still unemployed, but doing fine. I won't mention the company yet, but I had an interview today. And I was surprised.

Some Thoughts About Finances and Losing Your Job

Finances will probably cause more stress for you during a lay off than any other challenge you face. I had been expecting a lay off for years so my finances are in decent shape. But on Jan 14 when I heard the Nortel CEO say that all severance payments would end immediately I was a little panicked. No. Very panicked. Sick at my stomach panicked.
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Sometimes You Have to Laugh to Keep From Crying

My Dad's grandmother often gave her grandchildren advice about life that could be summed up in one sentence. My Dad passed those on to his children. One that I never truly appreciated until I was an adult and a father was "Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying."

Strategies for Dealing With the Loss of Your Job

There are many resources on the internet for surviving a lay off. You should use them. Not every piece of advice will apply to your situation but you will find information that can help. Here is my strategy.

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