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MorRyde Wet Bolt Kit

On my 2002 Wildcat I had multiple problems with the industry standard cheap suspension, especially the spring shackles. Our 2014 Cougar 325SRX came with the MorRyde CRE/3000 equalizer. I don
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Backup Lights

I always put backup lights on my RVs. We often leave late Friday after work for a weekend of camping and arrive at the campground after dark. Having backup lights is much better than using flashlights. I also have a switch in my truck so I can turn all the lights on from the truck. If I have to make a tight turn or do a u turn after dark I will turn on the lights so I can see where the tires are o
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Generator Wiring and Power Transfer Switch

I have a Honda EU3000 generator that I love. When traveling across country we sometimes just need to put some miles behind us for 3-4 days. With the Honda we can stay in Wal-Marts or truck stops for quick overnight stays while having the comfort of air conditioning and TV. During the hot months I also run the air conditioner in the RV while on the road.
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Retractable AC Cord

I use a cheap 1/2 inch drill to lower and raise the rear stabilizer jacks. To make that process easy I installed a retractable AC cord reel in the storage area.
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Water Filter

My Forest River Wildcat had a water filter and I really liked it. I remember as a kid when we would travel across country, each day the water smelled and tasted different. Sometimes the chlorine was pretty strong.
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Extra Loading Ramp

The door on the Keystone Cougar 325SRX is only 6 feet tall. That makes the door very steep as a ramp. Keystone corrected that by adding a extra ramp attached to the door via hinges. For a golf cart, ATV or non street motorcycle this would work fine. But Ruby, our 2006 Honda Goldwing, kept dragging on the hinge.
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Electic over Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion

Converting electric magnetic drum brakes to electric over hydraulic disc brakes on Lippert 5200 pound axles
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